Rental Overview

Ready to Rent?

If you are not ready, or do not wish to buy at this time, at Elite we enjoy working with renters also! There are many rental options in the area including single family homes, condos, townhomes and commercial rentals. Rental properties are currently in high demand, so below are some steps we help guide you through to make sure your rental search goes smoothly.

  • Its a good idea to start your rental property search with a local web site to get an idea of prices, styles and locations. Once you narrow down your criteria you should contact your ELITE agent to set up your showings and assist you with your paperwork.
  • In order to have a full picture of your rental needs and current situation, we will request every adult in your household complete a rental application.
  • We will run your credit, background and eviction history. Knowing where you stand -up front- will help us target specific properties and communities that you qualify for.
  • We will ask you about your pets. Many rentals have pet restrictions, and we want to be sure your pet will be welcomed in any rental we show you.
  • We will ask about cash you have available for up front costs. Typically, most landlords will require 3 month’s rent at lease signing (first month, last month, and one month security deposit). If you plan on renting a condo, be prepared for an association interview. It is usually not a big deal, but it’s timing can impact the process and affect your move-in date.
  • We will provide expert assistance and guidance while negotiating the best price and terms for your rental.
  • If home-ownership is your goal in the next year or two, we may discuss and explore Rent-to-Own opportunities, and offer the opportunity to join the Elite 1st-time Home Buyer Program to prepare for future home purchase.